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October 19, 2006

Update, I suppose.

Just wanted to post a little update.
I am feeling a lot better.
The pain is hardly there at all and the bleeding is subsiding.
There is still some discharge that is worrying me because it isn't exactly normal, but I just kind of shrug it off in the way of normal.
I haven't spiked a temp and have been taking my antibiotics faithfully.

My fiance` and I talked about the procedure more.
It turned out he wasn't too comfortable with it, but felt it was the right thing to do.
Apparently, he still believed it was wrong and felt guilty for letting me make the decision on my own.
It was hard to deal with, but we have worked through it.

Depression is still at bay, although my hormones are still wickedly wacked.

It is hard, though, to avoid getting down.
My sister is talking to me again, as is my best friend.
My fiance` and best friend fight constantly, so it's hard.
I don't really want to take sides, and it is tearing me apart that they both sort of want me to do so.
No one is really pressuring me about it, per say, but it's there.
That's the hardest thing I am dealing with.
Otherwise, I am doing good.
I am still pull free.
I enjoy my new job.
I get to see my friends more now.
Everything seems to be going well.

Also, I just wanted to say thanks to the support I am recieving in my comments.
It is really great to see and feel that there is no real judgement here.
We are just people working towards helping others.

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